This might be our “About Us Page,” but we want one thing to be crystal clear: this site is all about YOU! It’s our singular mission here at [ CL ] to report on and create awesome stuff that’s really helpful, insightful–in short, if it makes makes your life better, you’ll hear about it from us!

Since 2006 we’ve been investing in and helping others–from digital nomads to retirees and expats of all stripes–transition here to lead wonderful lives here in our favorite city in the world!

Won’t you let us help you, too?

Giving you support is why we’ve formed the Lifestyle Team, a group of cool, friendly expats and locals who’re able to give you what you can’t get anywhere else: on-the-ground advice and expert insights that will make your life here in Medellin more amazing than you ever thought possible!

Right now, our team is out here, on the streets, trying things out, going to new shows, tasting new foods and traveling around Medellin–in short, we’re working to uncover every experience available in Medellin so we can share it with YOU, first.